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Women's Satin Pajamas Glittering Hearts

Women's Satin Pajamas Glittering Hearts

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Experience unbeatable comfort with our Women's Satin Pajamas! Immerse yourself in the luxurious touch of satin against your skin, boasting optimal softness and stretchability for a comfortable night's sleep. Set against a soothing pastel pink backdrop, these pajamas feature glittering hearts, adding a dash of fun to your nighttime routine. The hearts sparkle subtly, giving just the right hint of glamour. Whether you're settling in for a cozy night indoors or glamming up for a slumber party, our satin pajamas bring comfort, style, and a little sparkle. #SatinPajamas #WomensNightWear #ComfortAndStyle #PastelPinkPajamas #HeartDesign #GlitterComfyClothes #GlamorousSleepwear #FashionableNightwear #PinkAndSparkle #StayHandGlamorous


Top length, cm 63.50 66.00 68.60 71.10
Top width, cm 48.30 51.40 54.60 57.70
Sleeve length, cm 55.80 57.10 58.40 59.70
Bottom length, cm 102.80 104.10 105.10 108.60
Inseam, cm 76.20 76.20 76.20 76.20
Waist width, cm 36.80 39.30 41.90 44.40
Hips width, cm 53.90 57.10 60.30 63.50


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